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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Victoria's Secret: Your One-Stop Campaign Shop?

Don't blame me—AP writes this one:

Despite the furor over a $150,000 campaign shopping spree for GOP vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin, the Republican Party continued to spend money on clothing and accessories for her in the contest's final weeks, new campaign reports show.

The latest buys ranged from $4,383 at Saks Fifth Avenue and $2,130 at Nieman Marcus, to $148 at Victoria's Secret locations in Philadelphia and Cincinnati. Another $430 was spent at Aldo, a shoe store. The buys were listed under the heading of "campaign accessories" ["Despite Earlier Furor, Palin Shopping Continued," AP via Yahoo News, 2008.12.05].

I try not to pay attention to the inventory at Victoria's Secret, so I could use some clarification: Can you classify anything at that store as a "campaign accessory"? Without smirking?

"Accessories have been returned, inventoried, and will be appropriately dispersed to various charities," [GOP spokesman Alex] Conant said.

Eeeeuuuww. Ew ew ew.


  1. She did smell very nice. Maybe it was for lipstick for Obama's pig?

  2. Maybe she had the Victoria's Secret items on under the towel that she greeted male members of the campaign staff in one day.

  3. Fox News (that bastion of liberal propaganda) carried this story; I actually saw it there before reading it here.

    What is it about this woman that arouses such widespread fascination? I don't see it, especially now that the election is over and her ticket lost.

    In my opinion, Mrs. Obama is far more worthy of media attention than Mrs. Palin -- and potentially far more powerful.

  4. tend to agree, Stan, but sometimes the venality and hypocrisy of politicians is too funny to resist.

  5. There was a news story about other politicians or candidates that also spent donated money on their own clothes. Face it, Sarah Palin was not rich. She didn't make the money that even Michelle Obama made at her fancy job. She probably hasn't gotten rich in politics like many other candidates seem to have done. If the campaign spent some money on her clothes, so what. I think she went back to her own clothes toward the end of the campaign anyway.

    I would imagine that the Messiah's pillars and stage in Denver cost at least as much as Palin's clothing, probably more, and were even more of a luxury item. No mention of that though.

    Sarah Palin is still a threat to the left and even some conservatives. And as such she will continue to be attacked as such attacks do stick in some peoples' minds even though the attacks are ridiculous. If opponents were not afraid of her political future, she would not be the subject of any news articles anymore. In that sense, I hope the attacks continue!


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