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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Wurzelbacher Bails on McCain to Sell Books

I used her, she used me,
But neither one cared --
We were getting our share....
[Bob Seger, "Night Moves," 1976]

And you think it's funny watching liberals beat up on the guy who won? Check out Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher (misleadingly known as Joe the Plumber) throwing John McCain under the bus in a vain attempt to recapture some scraps of media attention to promote the book written for him by aspiring novelist Thomas Tabback (oh darn—it worked!).

Wurzelbacher tells Glenn Beck he was "appalled" by McCain's support of the bailout. Of course, he didn't stop campaigning for McCain right then and there because he needed the publici—er, he felt McCain was the lesser of two evils.

But knowing "Sarah Palin" continues to get more Google hits than "John McCain," Wurzelbacher maintains that the Alaska governor is "the real deal."

Time for a new nickname, SJW: try "Joe the Media Gigolo."

Given his own classy silence over the past month, it appears John McCain has likely recovered too much of his dignity and honor in defeat to bother responding to such betrayal. But oh, how nice it would be if the right campaign staffer could let slip the internal memo that would finally prove the October surprise I never quite could: that Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher was a plant, connected to the Keating scandal and bought and paid for by the McCain campaign.

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  1. Now who is seeing black helicopters??


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