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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dedication... or Hunger?

The clock says 6:08 a.m. The thermometer says –10°F. The dark sky says, "Go back to bed."

And out my window, out on the frozen lake, I see a pair of headlights beaming toward an ice shack.

Either the recession has hit that guy's grocery budget hard, or he really, really loves ice-fishing.


  1. He probably works for Gehl and isn't working his 6 days for the month. Nice employers that pull b.s. like that 6 days a month and still call you employed.

  2. He's probably out trying to catch his noon meal after being laid off!

  3. My son-in-law left Gehl for a better job a year ago.

    Smartest decision he ever made.


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