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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Senate Bill 70 Advances: Buckaroo-ism Afoot!

You may recall from last week my discussion of Senate Bill 70, a measure that eliminates the 48-hour waiting period to buy a pistol. At first, I thought this was sheer buckaroo-ism, distracting legislation that increases the risk of gun violence and boosts the NRA rating of our legislators. The next day, a quote from Senator Gene Abdallah in that Sioux Falls paper led me to believe that the bill was about bookkeeping, not buckaroo-ism:

All that we're doing now is creating a lot of paper for the sheriff's offices that isn't necessary, because the Brady Bill is instant and that covers everything [State Senator Gene Abdallah, quoted by Sheri Levisay, "What's with That Law? Legislation Will Repeal Waiting Period to Buy Pistol," that Sioux Falls paper, 2009.01.22].

But I was wrong: federal legislation provides for a usually instant computer background check, but the Brady Bill five-day waiting period expired when that system went online in 1998. Therefore, right now, the only thing making you wait a couple days to buy that pistol is the law that Senators Olson, Abdallah, et al. want to eliminate.

Maybe the jury is still out on whether instant pistol buys lead to more violence (readers, I welcome your links!). However, we're talking about handguns, a tool that makes it possible for one upset individual to kill himself or others with the flick of a finger. I don't think it's unreasonable to deem the purchase of such a device something worth waiting for.

Alas, the State Senate Judiciary committee, including Senators Heidepriem and Turbak Berry, appears to disagree. Judiciary voted yesterday to pass the bill on to the full Senate yesterday.

Come on, kids! Don't let the NRA push you around. Let's keep that 48-hour waiting period. People who think they absolutely have to have a pistol right now! are the last people to whom we should hand a pistol.


  1. http://www.davekopel.org/2A/OpEds/Brady_falsehoods.htm



  2. The pistol was invented for one reason. To kill a human at close range! It wasn't invented for hunting or sport. People can argue its merits all they want but that is why it was invented.

    I am a proud gun owner but I believe in some limitations on buying guns such as a 48 hour waiting period and background checks. I don't see how these two measures are unreasonable.

    If this law is repealed it makes it much easier for the wrong people to purchase a gun for the wrong reason.

  3. How many copyright laws have you broken with your parody?

  4. I just watched The Outlaw Josey Wales....why would go and do that to Clint Eastwood or even Josey....both are more respected by men then Mr. Olson.....at least Wales stood up for something....and is not a lapdog for our Great Governor.

  5. http://www.gunfacts.info/pdfs/gun-facts/5.0/GunFacts5-0-screen.pdf

    search waiting period

  6. The photo is funny and not mean spirited. Wonder if Russell Olson would find some humor in it. Seen him around but don't know much about him. Not all Republicans are all bad. Just mostly.

  7. The gun purchase waiting period is necessary to protect families and give that small percentage of buyers a chance to cool off before doing something stupid. As a concealed weapons permit holder, it wouldn't bother me if the 48 hour wait also applied to permit holders. What's it going to hurt?

  8. Because waiting periods don't work for one thing. For another, the original purpose of the law was to allow time for background checks to take place.

  9. Because waiting periods don't work for one thing.

    11:36 you know this how? How does anyone one how many incidents were prevented because a waiting period allowed someone to cool off. If it prevents even one hot head from going off it was well worth you having to wait a few hours to buy your latest heater...

  10. Let's see some fairness in Representative Bashing. I realize it is your blog, but constantly pounding Russ Olson while your next door neighbor, the kooky crony, Gerry Lange (short for geriatric), is pushing pot in Pierre among other outlandish and repeat proposals from his decades of failed policy ideas. At least write ONE blog about Gerry so we can jump on and crucify him a little bit. Please, please, please!

  11. Fairness? I'm just balancing out the histrionics over Gerry at the War College. See, when we all work together, the South Dakota Blogosphere gives you the most complete coverage of the South Dakota Legislature. ;-)

    Of course, if you don't like the "constant" pounding Russ takes here, there's an easy solution: just tell him to quit doing things that deserve pounding.


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