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Friday, January 9, 2009

Health Care Reform Necessary for Food Security

That talk about USD being "the state's finest university" almost gets her embargoed from my RSS feed ( ;-) ), but Flying Tomato's spotlighting of the connection between health care and farmers demonstrates her continued value to the South Dakota ideosphere. Vermillion's voice of verdancy references a post from The Ethicurean that reminds us that universal health coverage isn't just some hippie pipe dream; it's about providing affordable health insurance that allows farmers to stay in business and keep feeding us. The Ethicurean cites data from the Access Project (hey, we've talked about them before!) that makes the case. Soon-to-be Secretary Daschle, add that to your list of reasons to push for serious health coverage reform as part of the economic recovery package.


  1. Thanks Cory! Nothing against DSU, I'm just trying to keep my job (and my health insurance).


  2. Someday I'll bring my Trojan and Jackrabbit loyalties down to the river and we'll settle the debate about who's got the best campus the right way: arm-wrestling!

    But at least all the campuses offer good health care plans. (Now if they'd just extend that benefit to graduate assistants....)


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