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Friday, January 30, 2009

Open Call: Saturday Crackerbarrel Reports!

The only thing I don't like about judging debate tournaments on the weekend is that I always miss the legislative crackerbarrels. Nuts! Our District 8 has two crackerbarrels scheduled for tomorrow (Saturday, January 31), one at the Flandreau City Building at 9 a.m., and one here in Madison at City Hall at noon.

I'd love to be there to cover them, but duty calls. So, I call on you, eager readers, to take your shot at local citizen journalism! If you're at the crackerbarrel and get some notes on what Russ, Gerry, and Mitch say, post them! If you take some photos or make some audio or even video recordings, post them too! Set up an account at my other little Web project, RealMadison.org, and share with everybody what you hear from our elected officials. Put up material for the good of the cause, and I'll highlight it here.

Of course, if creating your own blog is still beyond your desire, feel free to e-mail your content, and I'll bang together a post for you. Contact me through the Madville Times contact form, and I'll respond with an e-mail address where you can upload all your text, pix, audio, and video.

Democracy is about participation (where'd I hear that before?)... and so is journalism! Hit those crackerbarrels, and report!

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