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Sunday, January 18, 2009

U2 and Obama at Lincoln Memorial -- Let Freedom Ring

U2 performs at the Lincoln Memorial, 2009.01.18 [Doug Mills, New York Times]
By the way, I'm listening to the "We Are One" Inaugural Celebration on NPR and watching the video on HBO's website. There are a lot of smiling faces braving the cold in DC for this event, but I think the four happiest men in the crowd could be U2, four Irishmen who've hopped the pond to celebrate America and cry "Let Freedom Ring." Bono belts out "Pride (in the Name of Love)" on the spot where Martin Luther King, whom the song memorializes, spoke of his dream in 1963. Even The Edge breaks out in a big grin as he wails away on the guitar in front of thousands at the Lincoln Memorial. Wouldn't you?

Can't help wondering: what would Abe Lincoln think of these Irish rockers... not to mention that skinny fella from Chicago who'll be sitting in his office in two days?

But you know, Pete Seeger, who turns 90 this year, looks pretty happy too, as he leads thousands of Americans in singing "This Land Is Your Land." I think I hear Lincoln's boot tapping.


  1. Pete Seeger's turning 90?! Geez Cory I could have done without that rejoinder. Now I feel old. I was just teasing my kid, who was 13 when we lived in Europe and watched the Iron Curtain fall - when he said he felt old. The 20th anniversary of the fall of the Iron Curtain & Berlin Wall is this November. But Pete Seeger turning 90 tops that for invoking old. Thank goodness the lost decade of Bush is over. Too bad the mopping up will take years.

  2. Pete Seeger is a communist, just like Comrade Obama.

  3. Well duh—why do you think he ended with "This Land Is Your Land"? ;-)

    Pete Seeger is also a Harvard drop-out, a Unitarian, an Army veteran, and a darned peppy 89 year old. I'll make sure our daughter sings along with Mr. Seeger in the Great Americans portion of our home-school music curriculum.

  4. Pete Seeger stole "This Land is Your Land" from Woody Guthrie. Better make sure you have your facts straight before you teach your daughter.

  5. It gets worse. When I was watching a football game this weekend, I noticed that Martina McBride stole the 'Star Spangled Banner.'

  6. Anon 11:14: My facts are straight. Guthrie will make the syllabus as well.


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