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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Discover the Unexpected: Buy Sandwiches Online

So you're pulling your ice shack off a very slick and sloppy Lake Herman, when suddenly you feel a stomach-knotting hunger. No walleye in the bucket, you find yourself craving a nice 12-inch sub. But dang! you have a meeting at the bank, and you'll hardly have time to whip off your coveralls, let alone stand around in the sandwich shop waiting for the kids to mayo down the cucumbers in your sub. What do you do?

Thank goodness for the Internet: you whip out your Blackberry, click on the Madison One-Stop, and order your sandwich (and a salad) online. You pull up, your sandwich is made, and you and your ice shack are off to that meeting.

I was just amused to find this online food shop here in Madison. More amusing is the inclusion on the checkout form of a dropdown box for country. Any bets on how many orders they get from Tuvalu and Uganda?

Lots of Madison buyers will still prefer to go inside and shoot the breeze with the sandwich artist (who will also ring up your bait) than punch in their name, address and serial number every time they want a sandwich. But a cool little online app like this makes me want to bring back Madison's old slogan: "In Touch with the World... and Double Cheese."


  1. There's a reason why Madison now uses "Discover the Unexpected". Since you live in the country, you don't receive a City Utility Bill. Every month I open it, it is higher, rate increases and higher surprise fees every few months. It is truly "unexpected" from a city which used to known for its great low utility rates. Move to Madison, live in the city and "discover the unexpected" when you open your utility bill each month.

  2. This is not news they have been offering this service for over a year. It is great when you are at work and have a short lunch. I think it is great that you can pre-order and pay and then quick pick it up. Have you been in there over the noon hour?

  3. It was news to me. Actually, I haven't been in One-Stop over noon. I just don't get out to Madison's swanky eateries as much as I should. ;-)


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