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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

KELO Floats Munsterman Ad Draft

No, South Dakota's gubernatorial candidates aren't buying airtime yet (and I urge all of you to vote against anyone who airs a campaign ad before January 1, 2010). But KELO's coverage of the "Brookings Boom" offers a pretty good idea of what the Brookings mayor will run in his "Munsterman for Governor" ads:

While the state is struggling to make budget cuts, and other cities and towns throughout South Dakota are dealing with layoffs and foreclosures, one town hasn't felt the impact of the economy as hard. This year, Brookings is increasing the amount of infrastructure and improvements to the city [Erica Johnson, "Brookings Boom," KELOLand.com, 2009.02.09].

Population growth, $4 million for downtown improvement, citywide bike lanes, parks and playground upgrades, conservative fiscal practices... oh yeah, and the importance of higher education as an economic anchor.

Knuppe, Knudson, Daugaard—care to ante up? (No rush—wait 'til next year... please!)

p.s.: Mayor Munsterman, nice website... but turn off the video autoplay!

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