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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

E.T. on Ice at Moonbase Madison!

What started as a few seemingly innocuous change orders to Madison's new outdoor pool has become the cover-up of the century. Cleverly hidden behind the splashy fa├žade of family fun, the city of Madison has become the new Area 51: Moonbase Madison! Aliens in our midst!

Here the Madville Times penetrates the mighty defenses of this top-secret installation to snap the first public photos of the labyrinth of high-tension polymer quarantine tunnels linking the xenobiological examination chambers now dug into the site of the old Madison pool. The location at the edge of Madison is ideal, given the proximity to sources of Reese's Pieces and pizza, the primary food of the captured aliens and their military captors, respectively.

Here I risk life and limb clinbing a nearby high-altitude vortical youth training tower for a better view of the facility. The blue facility appears to be the main examination/interrogation chamber. The mysterious green marker in the foreground appears to be a grave marker (some of the creatures are very thin). In the lower right, you can see one of the military guards, who popped up the moment my camera began snapping. If I hadn't had my bicycle to speed my escape, I might right now be undergoing cross-species mutation experiments. Whew!


  1. What do you mean "might be?" :P

  2. I wish I was a kid again!

  3. What is a "vortical youth training tower"? Do they let kids climb up into the air and then spin them around and around? I assume that the kids get the pizza and other goodies after this training exercise ...


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