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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

HB 1257: Guns on Campus Again!

The House Education committee takes up HB 1257 today, another attempt by Rep Thomas Brunner (R-29/Nisland) to impose on the world his crazy view that the best way to improve security on our university campuses is to create crossfire zones with dozens of untrained 18-year-old shooters. Brunner saw a similar House bill defeated last year and another Senate Bill just last month. Rep. Brunner, can't you get the message? And don't you have a budget to be working on?

Update 12:30 CST: House Education does the right thing and kills HB 1257 11-3. Hooray for Mitch Fargen and the rest of the level heads on the committee. Rep. Brunner, you're 0 for 3. Sit down and budget.

By the way, I'm put on the trail of this latest gun bill by the latest addition to KELO's "Issues Blogs," the most vomitous mass of bigoted ignorance currently engaging in pajamas media in South Dakota, Rutland public school teacher and long-time beneficiary of your tax dollars John Walker. After threatening to shoot the editors of Newsweek and all Democrats (at least that's all I can divine from his oh-so-macho "Lock and Load!"), Walker gets confused and talks about the 2008 bill.

And KELO picks that yahoo over Sibby?!?

Update 2009.02.22: Walker very quietly deletes the original post. No correction, no apology.


  1. One year ago Steven Kazmierczak carried four guns into the 'gun free zone' on NIU's campus. He shot 25 people, Six died. Here are two quotes from the people wounded."Then after a few minutes, the shooting stopped. Later, the authorities arrived." (When he committed suicide the shooting stopped. The authourities seldom stop a shooter.)Ruiz-Santana..."I am considering getting a gun license."The 'gun free zone' carried a penalty of one year in jail and a possible $1,000 fine. Steven did not care because after the shooting he killed himself. He easily carried the shotgun into the gun free zone using a guitar case, the three handguns were concealed under his coat. Not one of the more then 150 law abiding citizens inside the lecture hall was able to defend themselves because none of them had broke the 'gun free zone' law. 'Gun free zone' laws only work on law abiding citizens and law abiding citizens with a gun should not be feared they should be encouraged. Boyd Reimnitz

  2. Good thing that he's now put the FBI and Homeland Security on notice of his own bigotry and threats of violence. Scroll down to, "Know This if Nothing Else, This Was a Hate Crime" by Sara Feb 10, 2009, http://dneiwert.blogspot.com/

  3. Dr. Skelton, attorney for the BOR, admitted last night in testimony that we have no way of knowing whether this deters students from enrolling on our campuses. Also, he said that there has been NO incidents that he was aware of where a gun was involved on campus. Also, most crimes to students happen off campus.

  4. Corey:

    I challenge you to prove that a threat was made to shoot the editors of Newsweek and all Democrates. You can't. What a stretch.

    Guns on campus, I am fine with it. When I attended SDSU back in the Mid 70's there was not a room on 1st floor Young Hall that did not have a firearm during hunting season. Guess what, NOBODY was shot.

  5. "Firebird": I've already spent more time than Walker is worth trying to come up with a reasonable interpretation of his uninformed buckaroo baloney. I leave it to you to stretch your own imagination to come up with an alternate interpretation.

  6. Prior to Columbine, this was a non issue? Then the media thought it was a good idea to glorify it, talk about, show it, talk about it some more, and all of a sudden it gave someone else an idea. Dispute that! Stupid breeds stupid. I'm guessing were not done seeing these so called intellects develop more blogs to try and push their so called thoughtful homework on us. You have spent your whole life trying to become smart Cory, please get a real job and put it to use.

  7. "this"? "it"? Again, Searaven, I can't tell what you're talking about.

  8. I know, that education is not helping you at all.


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