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Saturday, February 14, 2009

South Dakota Fiddles While Others Plan for Stimulus

I highlighted Virginia's great new citizen participation website, where everybody and their ugly sister can submit ideas (1347 since Tuesday, at my last count) for using the stimulus money. The state of Washington has appointed stimulus czars who are busy compiling ideas for using the checks soon to come from DC. Massachusetts just appointed a stimulus czar to oversee the coming spending boom. Ohio appointed a stimulus czar in January.

Meanwhile, in South Dakota...

While the one-thousand page piece of legislation will send millions of dollars to South Dakota, Governor Mike Rounds says it's still too early to know how it will benefit the state.

A budget shortfall caused Governor Mike Rounds to propose a massive amount of cuts in state government spending. Now, halfway through the legislative session, neither the House nor Senate has addressed many of those issues. [Shawn Neistadt, "State Lawmakers Waiting on Stimulus," KELOLand.com, 2009.02.13].

We've had some numbers to work with for a couple weeks. Virginia, Washington, Massachusetts, and Ohio aren't waiting to start brainstorming. But instead of breaking out the spreadsheets and calling for ideas, Governor Michael Rounds has insisted on pushing off any real consideration of stimulus spending until a special session.

Governor Rounds, haven't you figured out that the Internet is like a constant special session, just bubbling with the chance to gather and discuss ideas? You could have a team going over a list like Virginia's right now, highlighting the good ideas and tallying the dollar figures. Then the moment the money comes from Washington, you scroll down, draw your line, and say, "Here's what we can do. Go!" If there's a lot of money, yahoo. If Harry Reid snuck a line into the bill saying, "John Thune's a meathead, so South Dakota gets nothing," we lose nothing and actually have a great list of projects to do pursue in the future.

Instead, the Governor appears determined to keep the Legislature over a fiscal barrel, forcing them to act on whatever tax increases or program cuts he so eagerly wants to blame them for.

South Dakota plays politics, while other states show Web 2.0 leadership with technology and conversation. Grrr!


  1. 1. We don't know if SD is going to get any money out of this porky pig.
    2. Any money we get will come with strings attached, just so we never forget how beneficient the fed is being to us.
    3. Yeah, I could go on the net in VA and say I needed money for X, Y, or Z. But the money will be targeted to certain thing, and I don't think we will be able to pick and choose.
    4. And have you told your daughter yet how much in extra taxes she and her children will be paying for this pig? I know she is too young. My kids are older and they know, and they aren't happy.
    5. I just love to see how the pigs are coming to the trough so eager for the free money to be slopped to them. The only problem is that this isn't free, it's our legacy to our kids and grandkids.

    How about this idea. If we don't have money, we don't spend it. If CA is sinking, then kick out the illegal aliens who are ruining that economy. If they want to let criminals go, take all the illegals and give them a free bus trip across the border and let them loose. These two ideas alone would save billions.

    In our state cut spending across the board. Don't wait for the pig to bail us out. Don't raise taxes. Don't increase programs. Encourage self reliance and self reponsibility.

  2. Cory, You seem to want to make things very complicated. While the federal government votes in their own raises, gets 100% of their unearned retirement package, takes money from lobbyist for vacation, cars, booze, hookers, and what other little desire they want. Receives the very best healthcare and I'm guessing with no deductible or co-pay. Does not ever read what the stimulus package is because it is so damn long and complicated. You have your frick'n panties in a bundle, because Governor rounds wants to try and cut fat, not spend money we don't have, maintain a balanced budget, and maintain our reserves. You cry because you want open government. I say let them open it up for you. What are you going to do Cory. Read over every project that the state needs, check and see if the bidding process was fair. Check and see if the correct concrete will be utilized for road projects, check and see if we are getting the best deal on vaccines for out kids. Check and see if every teacher meets your criteria for excellence. Even you would have a difficult time cross checking all of these decisons, so what would be the benefit. I have been involved with numerous, multiple group projects. In the end, two out of ten people actually get something done. The rest spend all day bickering, making excuses, discussing, discussing more, listening to themselves talk, not listening. We voted Govenor rounds in to do this job, it is his job to do, let him do it. I would love to be in your class and question every question you ask, raise my hand every 15 seconds and ask why, demand to see your credentials, ask for group meetings with you and your supervisors to see if you are taking the best approach. Get the picture. Sometimes, in the end a decision has to be made. Why is that so complicated?

  3. This is simple. The South Dakota republicants don't want their share of the stimulus. They should give it to Minnesota. South Dakota normally collects $2.70 for every tax dollar it sends to DC. Minnesota only collects $0.73 in federal services for each tax dollar it sends to DC. The Minnesota governor slashed state taxes when he was a legislative leader. Now Minnesota is hundreds of billions in debt. South Dakota's republicants should send our stimulus money to a Minnesota "tax cutter" where they receive less federal money per capita. LMAO.

  4. Hey the bill has been passed it's on the Web. Read the bill get our s### together and go. Cory is right on this one!!! Also are mayors, firefighters, school boards should also be getting there ducks in a row.
    lots of money lets get it!!!

  5. Anon 11:43: You're right, it's not free. Actually, I have told my daughter about the stimulus package and the problems of deficit spending. I've also told her that I'll do everything I can to make sure we get it paid off before the burden falls on her. (I don't think she quite gets it yet.)

    Pigs at the trough? Sure. But, having spent the weekend in a high school/middle school complex, I might suggest you think of this objectionable measure the way I used to think of in-service committee meetings: I found them an utter waste of time and resources. I would much rather the administration would pursue other activities. But the reality was, like it or not, the in-services were coming. Therefore, it was perfectly rationale to plan to make the most of what was coming.

    [off-topic: Illegal aliens keep your groceries, housecleaning, and other services cheap. They do jobs you won't. If illegal aliens contribute to any problem, the real culprits are the red-blodded Americans who break the law and exploit their cheap labor. If you buy tomatoes, you're guilty. Our grain subsidies and destruction of the domestic Mexican ag jobs doesn't help, either.]

    Anon 2:21: Dead right. I laugh with you... though with a fair share of embarrassment at my welfare state.

  6. So just to be clear, Searaven (and it's really hard with you: better up the meds): you oppose open government and think citizens should ask questions. [You think Birth to 3 Connections is fat in the budget, but that's off-topic.]

    I want Governor Rounds to do his job. My contention here is that part of his job is to plan for the stimulus money, the way his counterparts in other states are doing, instead of putting it off until a special session. Yes, in the end, a decision has to be made. So why won't he start laying the groundwork to make that decision now?

    I would love for you to be in my class, too. You clearly need more education, and I am well-equipped to give it to you. Ask away. (My credentials are online, like the planning for the stimulus could be, if the governor believed in openness the way I do._

  7. If well equipped means putting together the crap art, I'm good. I was just merely trying to point out that at least Governor Rounds is trying to not spend versus planning what to spend on money that has not even arrived. When you get a real job and have your own pay check to budget you will understand. I may not be perfect, but I make more income then you ever will. I have payed my own way. I do not live next to my daddy with my hand out. The government is not paying for my education. You want everyone to be rewarded whether they deserve to or not. I just prefer the merit based approach. In addition, you might be suprised at my education level. I'm just playing dumb with you to piss you off and it works. I thought this is what your little liberal blob was for. You respond just as I thought you would. Is this how you would play grown up politics in real life versus pretend blog politics? You have allowed your emotions to get involved. President Bush started name calling with the terrorist and was then told this is not how to engage them for diplomatic talk. Your strategy is just like his. It appears it is easy for you to get frustrated when your opposition does not agree or engage the way you think they should. I would love to have you in class apparently you need more education.

  8. [now totally off-topic: "Searaven," you're going to drag down my readership with frivolous comments like that. If your reason for being is personal insults, just come visit, and we can talk face to face, like real people. Or at least have the guts to use your real name, as I do. I can take public criticism; you evidently cannot. But I guess if I offered rambling commentary like yours with so little relevance to the actual policy matters at hand, I'd be embarrassed to give my name, too.]

  9. Cory, I read your credentials. I'm not only impressed, but downright intimidated.


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