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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Less Smoke, More Openness: Good Signs in South Dakota

And in happy news, South Dakota takes two more steps forward... or is that two big breaths of fresh air? Governor Rounds signs both the smoking ban and the open records law.

I don't get to pat the Governor on the back much, so let me do so here. SB 147 and HB 1240 are good laws that deserve passage, and Governor Rounds, you have done the right thing in signing them. Thank you, sir, for shifting freedom from those doing harm to those just trying to breathe. And thank you for giving all of us citizens a little more oversight of our government.

One caveat: as I look through the final version of SB 147, unless I'm misreading the amendments, I don't see quite the sweeping presumption of openness contained in the original bill. It's still better than what we had before... but there's still room for improvement.


  1. I'm really looking forward to finally being able to go with friends to hear live music and have a drink without getting a migraine from explosure to tobacco smoke. This is a great day!

  2. There goes my chance to get rich by opening a "Clean Air Casino" in Deadwood! All the virgin lungs would have come to me ... Ach! Another opportunity missed!

    Seriously, I agree with Kelly. I've been hoping for something like this for more than 30 years. Now I might actually start having lunch at some of the casinos.

  3. When 80% of people are non-smokers, this bill should actually grow business at those places who serve good food. Casino's will be smart to add an outdoor patio before July. Think of the money we'll save by not having to burn out clothing after a night of bar-hopping fun.

  4. cigarettes make you look cool, and smoking is delicious

  5. Thank goodness Rounds finally did something good! It will be nice not to have to worry about getting a sinus infection when I decide to go our for a drink.


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