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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Heidelberger Wrong Again: Obama Stimulus Saves South Dakota HPV Vaccine Funding

...and KELO makes me look bad!

I swear, last night when my wife and I looked at the KELO news story on the elimination of South Dakota's HPV vaccine program from the state budget, KELO was reporting that the governor's budget eliminated the program. When I blogged this morning, that was still the case. I said that surely South Dakota could come up with a meager 40 cents a person to restore funding for a vaccine that prevents cancer, and I already had some folks offering to chip in.

Kudos on the civic spirit, folks, but you can hang on to your spare change, for a couple years, at least. KELO has now changed the headline and story (same URL, no correction, retraction, or apology given) to report that the stimulus has restored the HPV vaccine funding that Governor Rounds would have cut.

So let me handle the apology: I regret the error I made in reporting this morning and any confusion or distress it may have caused. And I am thrilled to see that the stimulus package is able to rescue this worthy program and potentially prevent 25 South Dakota women a year from getting cancer.


  1. I don't think you made an error because KELO had an interview with Dr. Maria Bell last night, who was pushing for the funding and was disappointed it didn't fly, so either the Gov. wrote a quick check between 10pm and this morning or KELO goofed up and now is trying to fix it. Don't beat yourself up too quickly. I remember thinking I was wrong one time, but I was mistaken.

  2. You know, Heidelberger doesn't make many factual mistakes. Occasionally a misspelled word, and more than occasionally I interpret the facts (or think) very differently. So many are waiting to pounce which probably keeps him on his toes (your job). So disagree if you want, but I hope you realize it makes us understand our own perspective in a way non-provocative writing would never do. If you wrote a blog every day, how many mistakes would you make?

  3. It's just hell to be both right and wrong at the same time. But not often we have that luxury.

  4. KELO corrected itself Friday night. They goofed, so for now, Cory, as they say on Dancing With The Stars, "you're safe".

  5. It happens to us all. :-)


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