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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

MHS Buys Local, Saves Big; Also Considers Netbooks!

Chuck Clement reports that Madison High School is saving big by buying local. Tech director Rob Honomichl was struggling with a rash of broken Tablet PC screens. Perhaps the blame can fairly be laid more on lazy kids than on shoddy workmanship by Gateway MPC, but the original vendor was no help, since they're now kaput.

But forget the blame: there's a problem to solve! Glass replacement screens would have cost $300 to $400. Ouch. Honomichl found his solution right here in town. He found that Madison's Midstates Glass and Mirror could make Plexiglass replacement screens for $15. Score!

Honomichl has also gotten hold of an HP Mini 2140 Netbook for the elementary staff to try out. Evidently if the elementary staff like the little computer, Honomichl may replace the 50 Tablet PCs in the mobile elementary computer lab with netbooks. Purchase price for a netbook: $400. Purchase price for a Tablet PC: $1300.

Officer thinking, Rob! Now where did he get a great idea like that? ;-)

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