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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Two Cheers for Recession: Lower Greenhouse Emissions

Turn that recession frown upside down: declining right along with the economy are greenhouse gas emissions from power plants. According to the Boston Globe, power plants in the Northeast pumped out 9% less greenhouse emissions last year than in 2007, due to less energy use as well as power plants' increased reliance on cleaner-burning natural gas.

Ah, but the Catch-22 of the morning: lower emissions mean less market motivation for long-term solutions like cap-and-trade programs. Kind of like how low gasoline prices may deflate our motivation for long-term energy solutions like mass transit (which we Americans used more last year than we have since pre-Interstate Highway days) and smaller cars.

Will we ever learn to think beyond today's price tag?


  1. Cap and trade is a hoax. Read below:

    "The buying, selling, and trading of carbon credits will not remove one molecule of CO2 from the atmosphere. But, the purpose is not to eliminate CO2, it is to generate income for the government, redistribute wealth, and control the people. Yet Obama said, "Under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket..." Once these schemes are allowed, the government will be able to regulate and control all carbon emissions. This will give the government complete control over travel, lifestyle and whatever businesses and citizens consume and produce. This is the change Obama desires.

    Cap and trade advocates chose the Hegelian Dialectic...used by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels to sell their economic theory of Communism... First, create a problem of monumental proportions; Second, stir up hysteria by every means possible; Third, when people hysterically demand a solution to the contrived problem, offer predetermined solutions that will take away rights, cost considerable money, and put more power in the hands of the power-grabbing bureaucrats.
    Global warming zealots are using the Hegelian Dialectic to push their environmental agenda to the detriment of the American people...You will know when this global warming hype is for real when Gore, Pelosi, and their ilk give up the amenities of the "rich and famous" and live in 1,600 sq. ft. houses, fly coach, and use mass transit. Until then, their hot air is the cause of global warming. Every aspect of your life will be adversely affected if our politicians are allowed to implement any of these fraudulent cap and trade schemes."


  2. Ultimate long-term solution:
    Get off carbon altogether.
    Nothing to cap.
    Nothing to trade.
    Nothing to tax.

  3. Stan, that's so much simpler than conjuring up some vast Marxist Hegelian conspiracy! You win today's Occam's Razor prize. :-)


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