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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Russell Olson Proves Bipartisan Support for Obama's Stimulus

You want bipartisanship? Forget Washington; look local. Republican State Senator Russell Olson attests to the positive effects of President Obama's stimulus package for South Dakota. His persistent rhetorical labeling of the stimulus package as "a blessing and a curse" in his printed Legislative Updates be darned, Senator Olson tells KJAM the stimulus gave the Legislature new energy and helped restore funding for all sorts of programs that would have been cut otherwise.

If our Republican legislators found that stimulating, just wait until ICAP gets its $4.6 million in weatherization stimulus money on July 1 and starts sending contractors to the lumberyard to spend it.

Today's moral: outside the Beltway echo chamber, Democrats and Republicans agree the stimulus is doing good.


  1. A pint of good Scotch delays the onset of delirium tremens. But the patient is sick, and the path to wellness is paved with pain. Cory, I suspect that you, too, will cry before this is over.

  2. Don't forget that all these jobs created by the stimulus will have to be paid union wages. Might make the money not go so far. Also what will happen next year when the stimulus money is gone? And the strings will still remain.


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