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Friday, March 27, 2009

SDARWS New Tenants for Heartland Building

KJAM reports good downtown news: even before Heartland Consumers Power District breaks ground on its new building in federally subsidized Dwaine Chapel Plaza on the northwest edge of the City of Lake Madison, Heartland has a buyer for its current building. Who says you can't move real estate in the current economy?

And who are the new future tenants of the Heartland building?

Lobbyists. Yes, lobbyists. The South Dakota Association of Rural Water Systems does lots of other useful work, like offering training and technical assistance to small-town and rural water and wastewater systems. But lobbyists... lobbyists! That Russell Olson's employer would pave the way for more lobbyists to move to town must gall Senator Olson to no end.

Oh well. It sounds like SDARWS will bring seven, eight, maybe ten new jobs to town. And lobbying, technical training, and the other services SDARWS provides are good professional jobs. Who needs a call center? Welcome to town, SDARWS!

Now, about those occasional fishy flavors I get from Kingbrook....


  1. We need the jobs so we'll certainly take them, although it doesn't sound like they will employ someone locally who needs a job other than one or two support staff. I still like the call center idea.

  2. You would think that we could attract something like a sweepstakes fulfillment company or something that services large companies. How much is a lot in that industrial park 'cause they're sure going fast now that the City Commission turned the land over to LAIC. Maybe that was the problem all along, our city wanted to make money on the land instead of getting the land on the tax rolls and getting people employed. Fill it up, buy some more land and fill that up too.

  3. Funny that it takes an agency supported by public funds and earmarks to move that land. How come the free market doesn't work for Madison?

  4. Who knows how much the LAIC was involved in this case, but McDowell probably wants them to get some good press since they are a failure as a whole. So true there isn't free market as communities everywhere give incredible deals to lure new businesses.


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