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Monday, March 2, 2009

Stimulus Saves 7100 State Jobs in Virginia

Less than two weeks after passage, the federal stimulus can claim jobs saved: the state of Virginia just passed a budget that uses stimulus money to prevent the layoffs of as many as, by Governor Tim Kaine's count, 7,100 state employees.

Now even if you're a government-shrinking conservative, you've got to see the merits of keeping several thousand people out of the unemployment line and in the Wal-Mart check-out line when we're trying to revive the economy. Jobs are jobs, government or otherwise, and we need every job we can get.

Note also that the Virginia General Assembly managed to incorporate the stimulus money into its budget and adjourn on time in just eleven days. Meanwhile, no budget from Pierre yet, as South Dakota's unemployment rate jumps from 3.7% to 4.4% in January, the highest since 1987.


  1. So basically, the rest of us bailed out those state jobs in Virginia that could have easily been reduced, or maybe should have been reduced earlier, when the budget picture started looking bleak. All Virginia did was rob Peter to pay Paul. They are simply delaying the inevitable.

  2. Agree 100%!! The stimulus money only lasts so long, and then the redundancy is still there and costing the state money, and then what do they do? Oh I know, ask for another bailout!! That's the popular thing and easy way out and the gov't has all this extra free money, you know.

  3. The sigle biggest indicator of the state of the economy is the Stock Market. Todays close DJIA 6763.29 down 299.64 or -4.24 %.

    The spending bill is really helping out the economy, yes indeed.

  4. Good indicator of Obama's lack of understanding, lack of executive ability and experience, immaturity, and refusal to recognize what is happening. Good rhetoric does not a good leader make. And it's starting to really show.

  5. Corey, now I agree something needs to be done about the current economic crisis, but I recently became aware of a goverment program to provide free cell phone service to those who meet the income guidelines see the link:


    Now I realize this is not availible in all areas, but the last I checked a 911 call on a cell phone was free, and you were able to do this even from a cell phone with out a contract, which last I heard law enforcement agencies across this state would give out to those who wanted one for free.

  6. When do we see job creation? There are almost ten million people out of work. Do those folks care if Virginia's state employees who should have been laid off are still on the payroll at taxpayer expense? The democrats are in control, which is now reeling out of control and spiraling downward fast.

  7. Cory, I am starting to get mighty nervous about the deficit the Dems are building.

    Yes, G. W. Bush started it all, but I think that cow is going to run out of juice pretty soon. Obama is our No. 1 now. We look to him, not to G. W. Bush or Dick Cheney or Sarah Palin or Rush Limbaugh or any other Republican.

    The nation as a whole still seems to trust the Dems. But my own trust is running out fast. If my internal compass is any guide, Obama's days may already be numbered.

    Hasn't the money supply nearly tripled in the past year? When all that money floods the market, won't we see rampant inflation and a dollar that plummets in value?

    I'm not sure what will solve this crisis. Yes, Obama inherited it. Yes, he's honestly trying to solve it. Yes, maybe the Dems' "stimulus drugs" will "save the patient."

    But honestly, I am starting to wonder if the country that emerges from this mess will be the sort of place I'll want to live and work in.

    And the last person on my mind, as I scramble to survive, will be G. W. Bush.

  8. Stan, your nervousness is well taken. I'd be nervous about undergoing chemotherapy. I'd still put more faith in the doctor who makes the prescription and turns on the juice than the Jehovah's Witness who tells me I should just pray.

    But the treatment will be unpleasant. We still ain't seen nothing yet, compared to 1981-1982 or that D-time. I'm not counting on an instant fix... which means trouble when our instant gratification society goes to the polls in 2010.

    What sort of country are you thinking might emerge from this mess? Could we be in our version of Kerensky's provisional government or the Weimar Republic... and our greater concern should be the opposition that takes over if the current regime fails?

  9. There is a difference between putting your faith in a doctor, who has had years and years of book learning and training for his job and resultant expertise.

    Now let's compare Obama's education and experience. Granted, he has a law degree. But he has no executive leadership experience, no administrative experience, very little actual experience in gov't (state congressman a few years, an immediate jump to senator (which he never really did the job of as he started running for president almost immediately). And then he sought and won the presidency of the US due to his rhetorical and oratorical abilities, which are great (with help of a teleprompter). There is a huge difference between my putting trust in my physician and my putting trust in Obama. And Obama is doing nothing at all to instill this trust.

  10. "...you keep missing the target!"

    Never underestimate Anon/Sam Adams's capacity to underscore my point by reaching for irrelevancies. The point of the analogy was that the "doctor" is the only one offering a solution, while folks like you just criticize and wish for divine intervention (usu. in the form of the the invisible hand of the market... which has gone pretty limp).

  11. The market has gone south/limp in reaction to the "doctor's" misguided intervention in and plans for our economy and nation.

    And the doctor is not the only one offering solutions. Many conservatives are also offering plans, which are rejected out of hand. The people themselves are offering solutions - i.e. quit the wildfire spending spree and get some fiscal responsibility! Unfortunately Obama is not listening to any of these people. Ethical doctors allow second opinions and ask for and listen to advice given when dealing with difficult situations. Obama does not and is not.

  12. Obama and Pelosi have their hands on the helm of the Titanic and we're careening directly into an iceberg, but the party continues in the upper deck while the ship fills with water from below. Nobody on the deck sees what everyone else can clearly see is happening below deck. This isn't about party, it's about reality.

  13. Cory, my concern is that the "new society" will inadequately reward hard work, will discourage investment, will drive capital overseas (particularly to India and China), and may cause the dollar to collapse.

    I do not wish to insinuate that a continuation of the previous administration's policies would have done any good. I don't claim to know what will get us out of this situation. If I did, I'd be rich.

    I think that we should give the new administration more time before we declare its efforts a failure. Patience is not one of contemporary Americans' great virtues. I will admit that I can use some self-improvement in that respect.

    Nevertheless, if we find ourselves worse off in three years than we are now, we could see another shift, just as dramatic, just as powerful, but in the conservative direction. Some people may laugh at that notion. I suggest that they not laugh too hard.

  14. If it's reward for hard work that interests you, I might suggest that the U.S. has a long way to go before China and India look less bureaucratic and more appealing as havens for capital.

    And consider that right now, lots of Americans are working hard and getting laid off. The stimulus is about keeping those people in groceries and houses until the economy can kick back into gear... not to mention building some modern infrastructure to support the next economic expansion.

    You are right, Stan, that Americans are impatient. President Obama himself recognizes he gets this one term to fix the problem that Bush got two terms to make. And given the yahooism I see in the current GOP base, leaving the door open for them to retake power in 2012 could lead to a regime more conservative than Bush/Cheney. And you won't hear me laughing.


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