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Monday, March 2, 2009

Four for Madison Commission: Downs Joins Race

Tom Wolf must have been kidding with his signs, but Madison's old guard will be represented in the City Commission race: Myron Downs submitted his petition at the last minute Friday to join Nick Abraham, Mike McGowan, and incumbent Karen Lembcke in the race for the two open seats on the commission.

Downs has plenty of local political chops. He served on the city commission for ten years from 1994 to 2003, and ran unsuccessfully for mayor twice, in 2004 and 2006. He's also a serious fiscal conservative... or at least he sounded like one the last time I showed him my Obama pin.

This year's cast of characters looks distinctly bluer around the collar than last year's city commission candidates. I look forward to hearing the contrasting visions Downs, Abraham, McGowan, and Lembcke will bring to the discussion leading up to the April 14 election.


  1. Too bad Chris Giles resigned at DSU Foundation. Now we'll have a County Commissioner working along side a City Commissioner as Dick Ericsson and Giles partner up in the law firm. How's that going to work during joint meetings?

  2. Doesn't that start to pose a rather large potential conflict of Interest on a lot of matters?

    With one being on the City Commission and the other on the Conunty Commission?

  3. Not to mention all the clients they represent. Ericsson has been a longtime attorney and Giles has been here awhile also. Somebody is going to have to reconsider their seat or there will be big conflicts down the road.

  4. Dan Bohl knows a lot of people too, should he resign?
    Karen Lembcke has customers in town, and out of town. Should she resign?
    Craig Walker works for a Bank and has many clients, should he resign as well?

    Come on. If you have a legitmate reason why you think Giles or Ericsson, say it. Otherwise give them the respect they deserve for their service.

  5. Thanks, Brett! I've been waiting for someone to explain just what the conflict of interest is here, or how Ericsson's and Giles's employment has any more impact on their ability to do their job than anyone else on either commission. Heck, the new school board will have three DSU employees on it. Any problem there? Unlikely.

  6. Or someone was kidding Tom Wolf. He goes south for part of the winter.

    Boards should have a blend of people. I also see POTENTIAL for conflicts.

    The role of attorney is quite different from car salesman or retired teacher.

    Most importantly I'm hoping for bright ideas from new candidates.


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