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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Big Ag Kills Babies?

Concerned about abortion? How about involuntary abortions caused by industrial farming and the chemicals it relies on?

“When a farm chemical like methoxyclor gets into the body of a woman — and it gets into the body because it is present in the environment in which she lives — then she can abort a pregnancy,” [ecologist Sandra Steingraber] said. “I think there is room in this debate for a big conversation about these chemicals. We need to talk about farm chemicals as chemical abortionists, or chemicals that have the ability to extinguish human pregnancies.”

Steingraber said this type of discussion is one that can “bridge the gap of the divide in our culture” for abortion.

“Sometimes you can drive in rural areas and see a big pro-life sign and right behind it will be a farmer spraying chemicals that might very well be linked to reproductive problems,” she said [Lynda Waddington, "Can Chemical Abortions Be Linked to Midwestern Agriculture," Iowa Independent, 2009.04.06].

Pass the organic potatoes, please....

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