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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Epp Scoops Hyperion Grave-Digging, Ecocide, and Just Plain Lies

Forget Hyperion's blather: Check out the Indian graves, virgin prairie, and lies to old farmers Hyperion won't tell you about! The eminent Mr. Epp gets the local scoop on South Dakota Watch. Tell that story, and let's send Hyperion home for good!


  1. You're right on boys! Hyperion does NOT want you to know about the virgin soil and graves in this area. Spread the word people!

  2. It's my understanding that we've given carte blanche to Hyperion for this project. Maybe it's not a refinery coming but one very large landfill instead.

  3. It won't be a garbage dump because the planning and zoning into Hyperion's application that it specifically couldn't be that and the air permit Hyperion is trying to get specifically says it needs to be an oil refinery. However, Hyperion could just purchase the options they have on the ground and sell that off to whoever, whenever and for whatever purpose. Whatever company or entity that might be would then have to worry about the zoning/rezoning issues.

  4. To further my thought from above...let's just say this...the P&Z of Union County did not do a lot to protect the citizens of this area. It was a quickly put together approval for the re-zoning and the rush was so that if it was contested (which it was) it could go on the June 3rd primary vote. And that was a big push from Hyperion because they knew that they would not have as great a shot as getting it passed unless it was attached to a primary vote where people would already be out voting. Otherwise it would have been a special election vote just for that and more difficult to win.


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