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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Books Before Balls: Education First... Right?

Reviewing the week's news, I notice Jon Hunter's editorial on the Frederick school district's decision to adopt a four-day school week. Amidst our man Hunter's quite reasonable argument that the decision is "short-sighted," I happen upon the howler of the evening. Addressing the Frederick district's contention that a four-day week will make scheduling activities easier, hunter thunders:

Since when is scheduling of activities more important than class?
[Jon Hunter, "School Board Decision in Frederick Is Short-Sighted," Madison Daily Leader, 2009.04.07]

Quick question: how many students were in class at Madison HS during the state basketball tournament last month?


  1. Scheduling of classes should be more important that activities, but......

  2. "Books before balls" ... dad-burn it, Cory, that expression pounds into my bony noggin the dark fact that I still, after all these years, have dirt in my brain. Shame on me!


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