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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Don't Look, Jon: MHS Kids Think I'm You!

Speaking of Jon Hunter, he might want to check the homepage of the Maroon, our alma mater's mighty school newspaper. The site is looking good (but back issues in PDF? come on, kids: the printed page is toast! Go HTML/CSS!). The front page even includes a cool scrolling RSS feed of South Dakota headlines—very nice! It's good to see links between news sources!

There does appear to be one small mistake. Take a good look at the headlines tagged as "Madison Daily Leader." Then look at the Madison Daily Leader homepage. Then look at the Madville Times homepage.

Uh oh.

As a graduate of Madison HS and an alumnus of the Maroon staff, I am honored to be included in their current news feed. However, I suspect Mr. Hunter would prefer that the name of his good newspaper not be incorrectly associated with someone else's headlines. And you know me: I'm all about proper attribution.

Say it with me, kids: Madville Times.

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