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Thursday, June 18, 2009

President Swats Fly; World Peace Near

You do not want to be a fly on the wall in the White House.

Expect the GOP and North Korea to fall in line shortly.

PETA is not amused... but then PETA never is. Still, conservatives should feel their terror abated to see that PETA is now rejecting Obama's divinity:

In a nutshell, our position is this: He isn't the Buddha, he's a human being, and human beings have a long way to go before they think before they act [Alisa Mullins, "Obama and the Fly," The PETA Files, 2009.06.17].

Also note that PETA issued this statement only after being contacted by "multiple media outlets" seeking PETA's opinion on the fly-swatting. Ah, those darn media muckrakers....

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