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Monday, July 6, 2009

Hemmingsen Goes Letterman on Palin -- Firestorm Sure to Ensue

I was done with Palin for the day, really... but Steve wasn't....

Hey, for all of you grumbling about David Letterman's inappropriate jokes about Sarah Palin and her family, fire up your comment flamethrowers and visit Steve Hemmingsen's latest post on the soon-to-be-ex-governor of Alaska. KELO's commentator emeritus quite aptly notes that quitting isn't usually a hallmark of political success. He then offers this "tongue-in-cheek" list of possible reasons for Palin's resignation:

10) It’s going to take her a year to learn how to spell president and read a teleprompter.

9) She wants to get in on the fun the rest of her family is having; huntin', fishin' and keeping an eye on Russia. Was that Russia in the background when she made her announcement?

8) She feels jilted by the Governor of South Carolina who is trying to re-fall in love with his wife. She wanted to be his Alaskan firecracker. After all, Alaska does come before Argentina in the alphabet….doesn’t it?

6) She wants to mess around with A-Rod and announce their engagement on David Letterman.

7) Gets confused counting backwards.

4) Went into a deep depression when she found out the governors of Alaska and Hawaii had to enter the lottery for tickets to the Michael Jackson send off like everybody else, and then didn’t win.

5) Is too busy planning her oldest daughter’s deer rifle wedding, and wondering whatever happened to that campaign promise, anyway. Are they ever going to march down the aisle and say “youbetcha?”

4) Is devastated by a National Enquirer report saying that DNA tests prove that three of her five children aren’t hers. Is also confused by the spelling of Enquirer.

1) That’s ten, isn’t it? Well, ten enough for Alaska. Who’s counting? [Steve Hemmingsen, "The Paling of Palin," KELOLand.com: Weighing In, 2009.07.06]

Will the local Palin fan club be calling on KELO to fire Hemmingsen for having the audacity to crack jokes about a public figure? Oh wait—he's already retired!


  1. Concerning #10, I really doubt that Sarah Palin has trouble spelling President. I do find it quite refreshing that a politician can give a speech with out the aid of a teleprompter, and not turn into a bumbling idiot like Obama when he has to answer an unscripted question.

    Tim Higgins

  2. Steve is probably better at reading a teleprompter than Palin. But his lame attempt at cheap political humor is disappointing. Like all of use who've retired, he probably has too much free time on his hands.....which is why I'm commenting on his posting.

  3. Tim:

    (1) Palin took no questions.
    (2) Speaking with no notes is great. Making sense is greater. Palin's speech was incoherent, leaving even Republicans wondering what she really meant. Mission not accomplished.

  4. Yes and my point is that Obama makes no sense either when everything is not scripted for him

    Tim Higgins

  5. O.K., Tim, even if I accept your claim (I don't, but I enjoy testing others' hypotheses), we still have a President who, on script, makes all sorts of sense, and a soon-to-be-former governor of Alaska who makes no sense, on script or off. Hmmm....

  6. A President on script. That is that is the key point. If Obama is not on script he babbles a bunch of incoherent nonsense. At least with Palin you get what you see, not a phoney puppet like Obama.

    Tim Higgins

  7. Tim, I have honestly never heard Obama say anything so difficult to understand as Palin's Friday announcement.

    And a president on script is no unique point. Every president speaks from carefully prepared speeches. When you're that powerful, every word has to be right. Much as I like shooting from the hip, I recognize that the President much choose and deliver his words carefully and make sure they mean something. Palin has yet to demonstrate a capacity for similar care and meaning.

    With Palin, we do indeed get what we see: selfishness, narcissism, and a profound lack of depth or foresight.

  8. [nonnie, it's nice to see you again... but "nonnie" is still an unrecognizable pseudonym. Tell me your real name, or type it into your profile or at the end of your post, and you're in. What in any of the words you're saying would get you in trouble?]


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