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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Only Nine Months Left to Circulate Petitions for 2010 Candidacy...

John Thune waited until January 5, 2004, to announce that he would challenge the most powerful Democrat in America for his Senate seat. Yesterday, Stephanie Herseth Sandlin announced her intention to seek reƫlection to her relatively safe House seat, a full six months earlier in the current election cycle. Is that early enough for all you complainers?

Ah, the good old days, when an election year was just one year.


  1. Actually, I don't believe petitions can be legally circulated until January 2010.

  2. Good point! I stand corrected: only 8.5 months left to think about circulating petitions for 2010 candidacy (on a party ballot).

  3. Complainers? If you're referring to Republican complaints, I haven't heard any. The Democrats who want to announce for Governor are the ones pushing Stephanie to get off the fence so they can get their PR rolling. There are already four announced gubernatorial candidates in SD and there will soon be more from the other side of the aisle, or in Heidepriem's case, both sides of the aisle since he was once a Republican, now a Democrat. Reminds me of a certain blogger.

  4. [Coincidentally, Heidepriem was also a fan of Senator Mundt in his youth.]


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