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Friday, July 3, 2009

Palin Shows Sanford How It's Done: She Resigns!

I was just looking up Sarah Palin's surprising claim in Runner's World that "During the campaign, when people asked me about my favorite authors, I said C.S. Lewis, John Steinbeck, and Dr. George Sheehan...." John Steinbeck?!? My favorite American socialist? If Palin had said during the campaign that she digs Steinbeck, there's a 99.9% chance that I would have caught that.

So I spent a few minutes checking Google and Lexis-Nexis. Palin mentions Lewis and Sheehan in this Charlie Rose Green Room interview, but I could find no mention that Palin has ever previously made public mention of her affection for Steinbeck. I was about to issue a call for readers to help me out with the research...

...and then Palin said something much more surprising: she is quitting as Alaska governor. She announced this afternoon that, instead of sticking around and finishing the job voters elected her for, she can do more good outside the Alaska governor's office, "outside of government."

Outside of government. Please remember that in 2012, Sarah.

Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell takes the Alaskan reins July 26. Alaskans will surely hope he views the possibilities for effecting positive change from the governor's office somewhat more enthusiastically than the woman who is abandoning that job.

Update: I watch the KTUU/CNN video and am stunned.

What was that about lame-duck governors?

...how much fun some governors have as lame ducks... maybe take their overseas international trade missions... they hit the road, they draw a paycheck, they kind of milk it...."

Did Sarah Palin listen to herself? Did she run those lines by anyone else? Did Mark Sanford hear that? Is she actually issuing the first GOP primary argument (in 2009) against Pawlenty and any other governors who might dare run against her in 2012 without resigning their office?

Now wait a minute: just how would millions of your (Alaskan) dollars go down the drain in this new political environment just because Palin wasn't running for a second term? How does quitting and turning the show over to the lieutenant governor save the state any money?

And if lame-duckery is so awful, is Palin effectively saying she will never run for President? She obviously could never bear to be a second-term President, since by Palin's logic, four years of Constitutionally mandateed lame-duck presidency would surely be as bad for America as another year and a half of voluntary lame-duck governorship would be for Alaska. And if she couldn't bear a second term, she couldn't stand to run for a first term, since she would know she wasn't going to run for that second term. So, by Palin's own logic, her own running for President, not to mention voting for her, would be a waste of tax dollars, not to mention a terrible violation of how Palin herself is wired, since she would spend her time in the White House just banging her head against the wall.

Sound crazy? Don't blame me: Palin said it. Incredible.


  1. Who knows what's on Sarah Palin's mind? I sure don't -- any more than I know what's on Stephanie Herseth Sandlin's mind.

    I like what Sarah Palin stands for (mostly), but I doubt that she'll ever have what it takes to be President of the United States.

    A lot of folks said the same thing about Barack Obama ...

  2. But you know, Stan, we would have a reasonable picture of what's on her mind if she could actually string together a coherent speech. Where SHS is often too cautious and politic in her rhetoric, Palin is simply rambly and unfocused.

    Obama comparison: Obama never quit his job just for the sake of looking mavericky.

  3. I would trust Palin and take her words as truthful more than most Washinton insider's, including the current bunch. But they manage to get re-elected anyway. I think Palin made a gutsy maverick move, and this Marine gives her a thumbs up.

    GySgt. E Day, USMC (Ret.)

  4. But Gunny, to take Palin's words as truthful wouldn't you need an interpreter? That resignation speech she gave yesterday was 18 minutes of who knows what and explained absolutely nothing.

  5. Best guesses and only best because I haven't seen anything very good:

    1. She is in deep doo-doo.
    2. She has a job coming up with the RNC replacing whomever is there.
    3. She is returning to sports "journalism" and will be local color on some networks sports show.
    4. She will be spokesperson for some line of glasses, clothes, sports equipment or hair product, etc.
    5. She will be another vacuous face on Fox News.

    and least likely guess:

    6. She and Mark Sanford are setting up a political advertising and consultancy group ..or are eloping to Mexico.

    Take your pick. We may find out soon how quickly we forget a political meteoric rise and fall.

  6. She's an ignorant nut. I wouldn't trust her with my pet gopher. Most alarming is Stan that likes her for what she stands for (mostly). What could that be? She has a sense of superiority with that cheerleader better than you quality with no other good reason that makes me want to puke.

  7. I'm with Bob: you have to make a leap of faith to trust Palin on this move, because not one of the words she said Friday gave any reason to. What's to trust? Her speech was internally inconsistent. Serving as governor is "the greatest honor I could imagine," a "humbling responsibility," and yet she doesn't think it's worth sticking around to do that job? What's gutsy about quitting, Gunny Day?

    Douglas, deep doo-doo seems the most logical explanation... but we should have learned by now not to expect logic from the Palin camp.

  8. Sorry, my comment was over the top. I should have just said she's too inexperienced and lacks depth. I'm sure there are some really decent Republicans we haven't seen yet that are fiscally conservative and deserve supporting.

  9. You did sound a little hot, John, but "ignorant," "nut," and cheerleader superiority, while harsh, are arguably accurate assessments of what we heard Friday. Inexperienced and lacking depth are most definitely supported by Friday's performance.

    By the way, can anyone think of any precedent for a move like this? Are there other examples of governors or other high officials resigning for no apparent reason that haven't turned out to be linked to scandal?


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