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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

South Dakota Blogosphere Open House and Free Golf?!

...I'm not sure one town can contain this much excitement!

I get back from camping and find the Madison Chamber of Commerce trying to piggyback on my community boosterism: they're giving away a big Madison vacation getaway July 24–26, the same weekend as the South Dakota Blogosphere Open House! Instead of the Americinn, the Chamber picked the Madison Super 8 for the prize lodging... and the Super 8, of course, is two miles closer to the Blog Open House site—i.e., my house! Ah, synergy!

Seriously, go register! You could win lodging, food, and free golf! Plus, in addition to the Blog Open House, you can catch Madison's Crazy Days, the 10K and Egan Avenue Mile races, Mart in the Park, and the Miss Prairie Village Pageant! Holy cow!

(By the way, the Madison Chamber of Commerce is also on Facebook. Getting pretty trendy down at the depot!)

Update 2009.07.03 13:06 CDT: Penni Groce at the Chamber corrects me: the big Madison getaway is coordinated by the LAIC, not the Chamber. And you know they read the blog down at the LAIC! ;-)

Penni also notes the Madison Chamber is on Twitter.

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