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Saturday, July 25, 2009

South Dakota Blogosphere Open House Saturday!

The weather gods appear to be smiling on tomorrow's today's South Dakota Blogosphere Open House—79°F, sunshine, no gale-force winds. I hope you will smile upon it as well... in person! Again, if you're reading this, you're invited. The open house is a chance for anyone who writes, comments on, or reads (that's you!) South Dakota blogs to get together and enjoy some neighborly conversation in person.

Here are some quick notes on the festivities:
  • Getting here: I have directions to our house on Google Maps. Note, though, that the county has chipsealed 233rd Street on the south side of the golf course, so, coming from Madison, you might want to stay on Highway 34, go around the golf course on the north, then turn south on 451st Avenue.
  • Chairs: we have some, but you might want to bring a lawn chair... unless you plan to spend the entire afternoon throwing the frisbee, playing croquet, or canoeing lovely Lake Herman, any of which would be perfectly fine ways to spend the day!
  • Chow: hot dogs, pop, and whatever snacks I find on sale at Pamida! Potluck contributions are always welcome.
  • Bugs: I think I donated a full pint to the mosquitoes while mowing yesterday. Tomorrow's breeze should help provide some natural repellent, but it never hurts to bring some bug goop.
  • Other activities: It's Crazy Days in Madison, so feel free to drop some money in the Madison sales tax kitty on your way out to the lake. And don't forget, if you're in a roadtrip mood, some open house attendees are planning an adventure to Milbank to see Food Inc.

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