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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wedding Thief Strikes Madison -- Reward Offered

Madison residents Jill Pruitt and Jeremiah Corbin got married and robbed this weekend. Not cool! Reader Matt Siedschlaw sends details and a general call for help in tracking down the wedding robber:

The wedding took place on Saturday, July 18, 2009. The bride is a finnacial aid assistant at DSU in Madison. The groom was recently employed with JMS percision in Madison until it recenlty closed and laid everyone off in Madison. He was lucky to get a job with the Rural Water Systems that will be locating to Madison as soon as the new Heartland building is built.

The wedding took place at Jeremiah's parents' house at Lake Madison by Johnson's Point. Following the wedding a reception was held at the Sportsmen Steak House and Lodge (the old Elks Club). The reception was held upstairs in the ballroom. At the reception there was an area that had the guest book and a box to collect cards and presents. This was located at the back of the room. The dance and reception went off with out any problems.

The next day I was with the bride and groom and family while they were opening presents. After presents were opened I asked what my brother and his wife had given them for a gift and they said we did not open a card from them. I thought that was strange. Other family members started mentioning names of people who left cards and no cards from those people were found. We called everyone who helped with the wedding and presents. All vehicles and such were searched, but there was no sign of the missing cards.

The Sportsmen's was closed on Sunday and the ball room was locked until today [Monday]. Today the family went up to tear down the reception and search for the cards. The room was searched and no cards were found. So, the police were called in and another search was done. In the women's bathroom approximately 31 cards were found hidden in the garbage can. The cards were opened with the cash removed. The checks were left but cash was gone. My guess of the amount of cash missing was between 300-800 dollars [Matt Siedschlaw, personal communication with minor edits, 2009.07.20].

Now Matt says the police are looking but have asked the newlyweds and their friends to try narrowing down the suspect list themselves. To shake some leads loose, Matt is offering a $100 reward to anyone who can provide the lead that brings this sticky-fingered sleaze to justice.

If you have any info, feel free to contact Matt or the Madison police.

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