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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Prostrollo Loves Cash for Clunkers

Pat Prostrollo, fellow socialist
(photo courtesy Madison Daily Leader)
The irony never ends in Madison. Affirmation of my argument that Cash for Clunkers is big government green stimulus that works comes from none other than GOP stalwart Pat Prostrollo:

Pat Prostrollo, president of Madison's Prostrollo Auto Mall, has no doubts that the rebate progam has performed in the manner that its backers had hoped.

"Since the program started, it's been fast and furious around here," Prostrollo said. "It's certainly done the job that the program was designed to do."

"We'd certainly like to see it carry on," he said. "We'd hate to disappoint the customers who want to use the program" [Chuck Clement, "Cash-for-Clunkers Runs out of Cash," Madison Daily Leader, 2009.07.31].

We are all socialists now.

I should have accepted that invitation to the Thune reception at Pat's dad's house last month. The conversation had to be fascinating:

Thune: All this government intervention in the economy is terrible.
Prostrollo: Darn right. No one should get a handout.
Thune: That's why I'm working to stop the bailouts.
Prostrollo: By the way, do you think just one billion is enough for Cash for Clunkers? I really thought the $4 billion in the House bill was a better idea....

Also of interest:


  1. Can somebody please show me some votes that demonstrate Stephanie Herseth Sandlin is really a Democrat? She seems to vote consistently with the Republicans, not the Democrats. If she wants to be a Republican, that's fine, her choice, but it would be helpful to voters if she would accurately tell us who she is. Truth in advertising.

  2. To be fair, OpenCongress says SHS votes with her party 94% of the time. But her 6% Blue Doggery is driving me nuts.

  3. prairiehighway, just run over to the War College sometime. PP seeming posts something daily claiming that Herseth Sandlin is Nancy Pelosi's right arm...

  4. Prairie
    She voted for the origingal spending bill, or did you miss that?

    Tim Higgins

  5. Prairie :

    following the link Corey provided and you will notice that 3 % of the time she abstains, so can we conclude that she votes against her party 1% of the time. Now what was your original question?

    Tim Higgins

  6. "original spending bill" -- I missed that, Tim! Do you have the bill number or link handy?

  7. good post, corey. it's easy to SAY you're a conservative, but ....

    and thanks for revealing thune's vote. he had been all over the map on this stimulus stuff.

  8. sorry, i meant to say that thune "has been all over the map" not "had been." i wish it was "had been." but he still is, apparently.

  9. oh, and lexrex is rob regier.

  10. [Rob, thanks for the name. Glad to have you drop by!]

  11. thanks for the thanks, ch.

  12. corey, after looking closer at the story, i think you need to clarify that thune's vote in the end for the whole bill doesn't mean that he flip-flopped on the cash-for-clunkers program.

    the way you wrote your piece, it's too easy for the reader to infer that's what he did. though i wish he had voted "no," it's hard for me to get too upset with his final vote.

  13. The real test will be how he votes this week. One of his biggest Madison donors is saying pass it. What will Thune do?


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