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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Feds, Lobbyists, Corporations Invade Classrooms; Conservatives Oddly Silent

Given some conservatives' vociferous efforts to keep President Obama from fomenting Marxist revolution in the classroom, I'm surprised I still have a job.

I'm also surprised that I haven't heard those same conservatives raise the red flag about some other intrusions on the sanctity of the classroom:
  • South Dakota gubernatorial candidate sends out a press release trumpeting Constitution Day (that's tomorrow) as a celebration of "free enterprise and individual initiative"—words that appear nowhere in the Constitution, which created a stronger central government to solve the problems that the individual states under the flimsy Articles of Confederation could not. Munsterman fails to decry Constitution Day as a faux non-holiday enacted by the federal government in 2005 and mandating specific educational programs at all schools. This isn't just an optional speech from the President; this is required curriculum, demanded by Washington! Where's the outrage?
  • I've heard some conservatives argue that ethanol is bad fiscal policy, bad food price policy, bad wildlife policy. I'm waiting to hear conservatives scream about the ethanol lobby's efforts to indoctrinate our kids in the classroom. The Renewable Fuels Association, Renewable Fuels Foundation, and National FFA are putting an ethanol-focused curriculum into our schools. They're even offering money to bring kids to Orlando, Florida, for further brainwashing. Oh, our poor kids!
  • And last I checked, our schools are still rife with corporatist propaganda, as Coke, Pepsi, et al. take advantage of our stingy funding of schools to insert their advertisements into gyms, hallways, classrooms, and school signs to subject captive audiences of impressionable youths to their marketing. I await the explanation of how President Obama's call to homework does more damage in the classroom than corporate America's call to consume.
If I hear even half the ruckus over any of these intrusions into our kids' education that I heard over President Obama's speech last week, I'll be happily flabbergasted.


  1. While it's obvious that you personally loathe the U.S. Constitution, the limited government it requires and the free-market system it fosters, you're really taking your Marxism to an extreme to insist that public school children shouldn't be taught about the document that establishes how their government is supposed to operate and is designed to protect their freedoms.

    "Keep 'em ignorant and dumb" is once again illustrated as the liberal motto.

  2. Bob, you ignorant slut. How can you advocate federal mandates in the classroom? I guess you love big government when it enhances your fringe worldview, but not when it actually helps people. Thank you for proving my point, that conservatives are about political games (and in Bob's case, constant, deceptive, and irrelevant personal slurs and slogans) and not philosophical consistency.

  3. Cory - Great piece, obviously done a bit tongue in cheek. The fake outrage over Obama's address to students came back to embarrass the people provoking it. I believe that the fake outrage artists will eventually lose their audience as people realize there are real world consequences for not solving some of our nation's major problems.

    The fake outrage artists have been successful in manufacturing distractions that prevented a calm, common sense dialogue on health care. Fortunately, they weren't able to intimidate the medical community into dumbing down and shutting up as evidenced by the poll cited yesterday that an overwhelming majority of physicians strongly support the public option as a way to give irresponsible insurance companies some well-deserved and needed competition.

  4. Steve Sibson9/16/2009 4:17 PM


    Why do you, Woodrow Wilson, and your fellow Progressives hate the COnstitution so much.


    Why not start a non-profit insurance company to compete with those evil for-profit companies?


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