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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Woster and Politics as Art of the Possible

When I need a reality check, I read Kevin Woster. His work on Mount Blogmore is a relatively calm, level-headed counterbalance to my firebreathing Marxist-Leninist socialist calls for revolution, not to mention the salvation of a blog otherwise cluttered with the uninformed, egotistical nuttery of Randall Rasmussen.

See what I mean? Woster never takes shots like that. He just gives us a clear-eyed and civil view of what's happening.

And on health care reform, Woster sees happening an arduous, complicated political process that is working its way toward practical solutions that matter:

The audacity of hope only goes so far against the realities of fear - some legitimate, some not - and weight of politics, not to mention that failure of the president to adequately address concerns over the cost of his reform plans.

But his efforts are having a valuable impact on the process and its people. Folks like Schultz and Pelosi are returning to earth after an orbit of unrealistic expectations. And even Republicans are now saying that, yes, the system must be reformed.

The president is unlikely to get all that he wants on this first attempt at health-care change. If he gets some key parts of it, it’ll be an important win [Kevin Woster, "Doing the Big Hard Things That Matter Most," Mount Blogmore, 2009.09.13].

I'm still gnashing my teeth over what feels to me like the President's unwillingness to come out swinging for a public option. I'll keep swinging for it, and I am never inclined to retreat. Heck, my door is open to a Kucinich primary challenge in 2012.

But when the levelest head in the South Dakota blogosphere acknowledges that even partial health reform is an important step forward, well, that will help me swallow something shy of a socialist revolution at the end of this year's session of Congress.


  1. Steve Sibson9/16/2009 6:07 AM

    The problem with so-called moderates like Woster is that they compromise with the radical left enough times that the radical leftend up having their way without people seeing the extreme condition we envolve into.

    Moderates are the most dangerous sort. They end up being "useful idiots" for the Progressive left.

  2. And Sibby, that's why you and your radical fringe will never amount to a serious force in South Dakota politics. When you brand an intelligent moderate like Kevin Woster an "idiot," you alienate the vast pool of pragmatic, centrist, independent voters without whom you cannot win an election or govern. Enjoy your irrelevance.


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