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Monday, October 19, 2009

Aberdeen School Board Tackles Elusive Air Quality Problem

Update on a story from this summer: The Aberdeen Central School Board is still trying to clear the air in it high school orchestra room. After numerous complaints from students and staff about a sickening odor in the music room, as well as some protests over the administration's initial response to simply transfer the affected orchestra director rather than allowing the orchestra to rehearse elsewhere, the Aberdeen school board is taking another tack. Last week, the board voted to spend $13,000 to move a rooftop air-intake system 75 feet away from possible pollution sources.

That price tag is actually pretty good, considering an earlier estimate was around $25K. But there is an interesting conundrum: recent air quality tests found no signs of contaminants in the room's air.

The school board thus faced a tough choice: take the word of the scientific measurements that there is no problem, or accept the data from those somewhat more sensitive instruments, the staff and students who've been getting sick in the room. The Aberdeen school board apparently decided that on this issue, they're better safe than sorry.

So just wondering: has anyone climbed into that air vent to find the mouse nest?


  1. I'll see Aberdeen board pres Duane Alm at SB leadership training in a few weeks. He's probably too old to climb up in the ventalation system, but like a good president he may have deligated the duty. Would you like me to ask for you?

  2. Please do! There must be a logical explanation....


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