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Monday, October 19, 2009

Madison Central School Board Vacancy: Apply Now!

Hey, neighbors—looking for your chance to perform your civic duty? The Madison Central School Board has an opening for you. Evidently current board member Dennis Hegg has moved outside of the boundaries of the school district and can thus no longer serve on the board. The school district is thus advertising (well, if you call a link on the Superintendent Schaefer's web page advertising) for a replacement to serve until the election next April.

The form is a PDF (arrgghh!), but you can make your own Word document with a little cutting and pasting, then type up your application on your computer and submit the form by e-mail. At least that's what I did (pretty much like last time).

Applications are due October 28—that's next Wednesday! Get to it!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for your willingness to serve. The state need more people that give a damn about education and are willing to make a committment sitting on school boards. FYI, I also applied for a board opening and was passed over for another, then lost my first election attempt nine months later before finally winning a seat the following year. I kept thinking about how poorly Lincoln did with initial election attempts before going on to become one of our greatest presidents.


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