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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Feds Send $910K for SD 911: Curd Apoplectic... or Oedipal

Oh, that darned federal government, sapping our spirits with all its handouts. South Dakota is getting another $910,000 from Uncle Sam, this time to upgrade its 911 communications. Lake County will receive a just-about $48K slice of that pork.

GOP Congressional candidate R. Blake Curd is surely going to campaign to send that filthy money back to Washington:

...Sioux Falls surgeon and state representative Blake Curd says states should stop relying on federally funded government programs.

"We need to regain our sense of personal responsibility and make sure that we can solve things for South Dakota people in South Dakota ways, and not have people rely on government as some kind of large father," Curd said [Ben Dunsmoor, 'Three Candidates to Challenge Herseth Sandlin," KELOLand.com, 2009.10.07].

Money from Big Daddy doesn't seem to scare Governor Mike Rounds:

"The transition to next-generation emergency response systems is important to continued public safety in South Dakota," the Governor said. "These funds will allow the upgrade of hardware and software to meet enhanced 911 needs as they develop. The upgrades will result in a much safer and more responsive network of emergency communications" [Office of the Governor, "South Dakota Receives Grant for 911 Upgrade," South Dakota State News, 2009.10.06].

Republicans love to use "No federal money!" as a rallying cry, but they keep ignoring the reality that in South Dakota, that position is a non-starter for practical policy. Our whole low-tax/no-tax mindset depends entirely on continued subsidy from the federal government. When asked, "Who's your daddy?" South Dakota must answer, "Uncle Sam!" I continue to wait for a Republican candidate who will be honest about that point.

In the mean time, R. Blake, keep working on that Oedipal complex.


  1. Since 2001 we have spent over 680 billion in Iraq, 180 billion in Afghanistan, and over 28 billion on enhanced security for other U.S. interest. Less than 1% of that has gone to VA care.

    Our government is planning to keep 55,000 troops in Iraq for decades. This is where we are going to save and shift those funds. We accomplished our goal of removing Sad. Hus. My drive is to remove all troops and money and let the Iraq government stand on its own.

    We need to stop trying to rule the world and keep our money at home.

  2. Out of Iraq... I eagerly await hearing your timeframe, Thad. You might turn out to be left of President Obama on this issue!

  3. Out of Iraq (everything, even our billion dollar emb.) December 2010.

    It took a year to get all of our toys in there, how about a year to get them out.


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