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Friday, October 30, 2009

Madison School Board to Interview Farrell, Heidelberger

The Madison Central School Board holds a special session Monday, November 2, to interview candidates and fill the vacancy created by Dennis Hegg's relocation and resignation. On Monday's interview schedule, retired DSU educator and Madison Chamber of Commerce Educator of the Year Tom Farrell and DSU teaching and research assistant and doctoral candidate Cory Heidelberger.

...wait a minute—that's me!

Looks like I have a job interview Monday. Funny: my Speech 101 students and I are starting our job interview unit on Monday. I love it when life and the classroom come together.

According to the agenda, the interview portion of the school board meeting is public. Come watch! If you have questions you'd like the board to ask us, send them in... or post your questions right here!


  1. Cory, knowing that all decisions by the School Board are not unanimous, knowing that you may be at odds with fellow board members on some decisions, how do you let voters know that you won't have an outburst or argument similar to your recent vocal rant at the public library with Lawrence Dirks. After all, you can't win every debate. Just curious how you will handle conflict or how you'll react when you deal with issues that you're passionate about.

  2. Disagreement on the issues doesn't bug me. Since you've asked, I'll say that the outburst you reference (and for which I publicly apologized) was not about policy matters. After all, there were a number of people who expressed disagreement with my position on the budget. I had no problem with that. The exchange was about a personal matter that I told Mr. Dirks I would not air in a public meeting.

    Now check that with how you see me respond to disagreement here online. I get much more criticism and disagreement here in the comment section than I get agreement. You see me debate policy matters pretty vigorously... and I hope pretty civilly. I can argue fiercely with a guy like Steve Sibson, yet I can have him over to my house for supper. Jason Bjorklund can wave the Glenn Beck flag and demolish my logic on the bike trail (or at least take his best shot!), and yet we can end our conversation with best wishes and go about our business. With all the practice I get dealing with diametrical opposition here online, some of which comes packaged in bitter personal attacks, I don't anticipate any problems working with the professionals on the school board, dealing with policy matters we might disagree on, and working toward a practical consensus that moves the school forward.


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