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Friday, October 16, 2009

Photos: South Dakota Veterans Promote Clean Energy

My friends at Repower America get some photos from yesterday's Operation Free bus tour through South Dakota. Operation Free, you will recall, is a group of veterans and national security advocates urging passage of sensible clean-energy legislation, like the American Clean Energy Security Act. For these veterans, clean-energy legislation is as much about protecting the environment as it is about protecting the lives of American soldiers. Remember, if climate change causes more natural disasters, the United States Armed Forces will have to conduct more and more dangerous humanitarian interventions and peacekeeping operations in destabilized nations. And the longer we wait to kick our dependence on foreign fossil fuels, the longer we face the prospect of wars fought for oil.

The Operation Free bus stopped in Watertown for an afternoon town hall hosted by Vietnam vet Orrie Swayze from Wilmot, then rolled down to Sioux Falls for an evening town hall.

US Navy Gulf War veteran Rick Hegdahl speaks to KSFY TV during the Operation Free tour of South Dakota to promote clean energy legislation.U.S. Navy Gulf War veteran Rick Hegdahl speaks to KSFY TV outside the Sioux Falls VFW during the Operation Free tour of South Dakota to promote clean energy legislation. Hegdahl served the Navy for 24 years. He now lives in Washington State.

speakers at Operation Free event in Sioux Falls, SD
South Dakota VFW Adjutant Quartermaster Rick Barg addresses the Operation Free town hall meeting at the Sioux Falls VFW Club. Barg is also the National VFW Inspector General. Also at the table is Iraq War veteran and USD student LeighAnn Dunn, who survived an IED explosion in Iraq.


  1. Lets not forget the currency manipulation by the Chinese to our dollar. Or the 800 billion we borrowed or the slave labor the communists give our commerce leaders. These are also national security concerns as well.

  2. Steve Sibson10/17/2009 8:16 AM

    The Clean Energy Security Act is about destroying the freedoms that veterans fought to protect. VERY SAD!!!!

  3. Believe me, Thad, I remain keenly aware of lots of other problems. But these vets are fighting for a good solution to at least one problem. And Steve, I have a hard time believing these clear-eyed patriots would fall easily for some csam to destroy America. But feel free to ask them about it: those vets can explain their motivations better than I can.

  4. Steve Sibson10/18/2009 8:08 AM


    The vets can leave their comments at my web site when I unearth the truth about Obama's communist revolution. I do that almost daily.


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