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Friday, October 16, 2009

Enjoy a Hobo Day Bicycle Ride with Dr. Chicoine... and 1000 Other Pedal Pushers!

South Dakota State University President Dr. David Chicoine may have sold his soul and my land-grant alma mater to the ag-industrial complex... but if I were the Green Pope, I might sell him an indulgence for this:

2009 Hobo Day Parade -- let's get a thousand cyclists to ride together!Save the day? Heck, save the planet! Robb Rasmussen of Sioux River Bicycles and Fitness is hoping to get one thousand cyclists together to ride in the Hobo Day Parade on Saturday, October 24. One thousand cyclists! In one place! In South Dakota!

I know some naysayer out there will grouse that Robb is just trying to make money off the environmental movement. Fine. I hope promoting green energy and green lifestyles will make Robb a millionaire. Twice over. With customers who live longer because they are riding bikes instead of sitting in their SUVs.

Hobo Day, Saturday, October 24—1000 bicycles! Make it happen!

Now, if we can just get Dr. Chicoine to bring goodies for everyone in that big basket. Maybe some organic sweet corn? ;-)

More Brookings bike love: SDSU Students' Association is working on a campus bike-sharing plan. Pedals for the people!


  1. This would be very cool. I'll have to lobby my daughters to join in.

  2. Sorry, the campanile was
    simply said because it is a recognizable location, and from there we will head to the end of the parade and go in where Pres
    Chicoine and the grand pooba want us to go. Same as last year. Did you see us last year? I marched in the Hobo Day parade as a member of the Estelline marching band for 4 years and two years as a member of Sioux Valley. Been watching Hobo Day parades since the 50's and I think a little social statement of
    bike riders would be a very good thing. my name is Robb Rasmussen

  3. Thanks for the clarification, Robb! I figured you and the president had a plan. Aim high, and pedal hard!

    [If anyone is a little confused, Robb was simply responding to someone who forgot to read the comment policy.]

  4. Unfortunately I'm busy with family and extended family this weekend. My best to Robb in his quest! Would be great to line the streets with bicycles!


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