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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Politico Ignores Wasson and Democrat Dissatisfaction in Herseth Sandlin Piece

Politico.com finds the South Dakota House race heating up enough to warrant a little attention. Josh Kraushaar finds the potential of incumbent Stephanie Herseth Sandlin facing an actual race in 2010 reflecting a trend in other states where conservative Democrats are facing Republican challengers energized by the more vigorous national Democratic agenda.

Not warranting Kraushaar's attention:
  • Thad Wasson, SHS's first declared challenger. Kraushaar doesn't mention the Piedmont telecom technician once. (Why do I always have to fall for the underdog? Why can't I keep my heart from going out to the low man on the totem pole in the other party?)
  • Shantel Krebs, the other Sioux Falls state rep. occasionally touted as a possible challenger. My side bet: odds are Krebs defers to Nelson. She stays out unless the state party orders her in to dilute Curd's base in Sioux Falls and clear the way for Nelson to win in June.
  • Local Dem dissatisfaction. Kraushaar notes that SHS's campaign war chest is a bit light right now ($157K? hey, that'll still buy a lot of ads on the Madville Times). Kraushaar does not note that what might keep them light is a lot of talk from South Dakota Democrats who are sick of triangulation and appeasement of a GOP that won't be appeased. After three terms of solid support, a number of South Dakota Democrats want SHS to act like a Democrat. The frustration I hear is particularly strong on health care reform, where lots of Dems in the trenches recognize the value of the public option.

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