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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Rep. Lange Flips... at Kiwanis Pancake Feed!

Mmmm... pancakes! The Madison Kiwanis Club held their annual pancake feed yesterday at the City Armory.

Full house at the armory—it was tough to find a seat! If the picture looks a little hazy, that's not my camera: that's all those yummy pancake and sausage fumes. (Kiwanians get a carbon credit exemption for these greenhouse emissions.)

Pass the bipartisan pancakes: State Representative Gerry Lange (D–8/Madison) wields the spatula while Lake County States Attorney Ken Meyer slides in with another pitcher of batter. Democrats and Republicans, Catholics and Mormons (and don't forget the atheist taking the picture!)—a little more batter, maybe add kosher sausage, and we might have a recipe for world peace.

Gerry mentioned that a fellow Kiwanian beat him to the punch on selling pancake tickets to some of his usual "customers." That got Gerry's competitive dander up: he ended up selling just shy of 300 pancake tickets, a personal record... and a good chunk of money for Kiwanis!

And props to proud papa: Today Gerry can flip for his son Roberto, who just received unanimous confirmation from the U.S. Senate to serve as a U.S. District Judge.

These pancakes brought to you by Black and Decker. Set that beater on reverse, and you get French toast.

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