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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thune Votes for Gang Rape; SF Media Gives Pass

Travis at Badlands Blue makes a good point: why is the South Dakota media giving Senator John Thune a pass on his vote for gang rape? Angie at Dakota Women opened the story for discussion in the South Dakota blogosphere two weeks ago, even beating Jon Stewart to the punch. Yet as far as I know, only one professional reporter in this state has seen fit to ask our Senator why he would vote against Senator Franken's amendment to prohibit federal money from going toward defense contractors who force their employees to give up their civil rights.

(Reminder of the Jon Stewart position: we'll bust ACORN for giving bad advice to a fake pimp, but we keep pumping millions of federal dollars to corporations whose employees commit gang rape?)

That one bright, shining exception: Kevin Woster (of course!) does good journalism and takes up the issue in a Sunday report in the Rapid City Journal discussing possible Dem challengers to Thune in 2010. (If you've read others, do let me know!)

But Thune's hometown rag, that Sioux Falls paper? Nothing. The Sioux Falls TV "news"? Nope, zip, nada.

Senator Thune puts the profits of Halliburton and other Republican money machines over the protection of women and the prosecution of gang rape, and no one making money for reporting news—at least no one on this side of the river—thinks it might be worth asking the Senator to clarify his position?

As Travis notes, so much for the "Liberal Media." If you want liberal media in South Dakota, you have to do it yourself.

p.s.: Gee, maybe the new Shawn & Mary Show on KSFY ActionNews will bring a fresh start to the state of serious journalism in South Dakota. Ah, just like the good old days with the Chet and Dave Show—that is what they called it, right?


  1. Cory,

    What was the Obama administration's position on that vote?

  2. The Department of Defense opposed the amendment as well... and they should be as ashamed as Senator Thune for it. Only difference is, I get to vote against Thune next year for it.

  3. Steve Sibson10/22/2009 7:05 PM


    Then why did you leave the Obama administration out of the post's title?

  4. Oops -- I fouled up the link the in previous comment! This link shows that the Obama Pentagon opposed the Franken Amendment.


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