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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Wrecks Potpourri: TransCanada+Roads, Rounds+Christmas, Teachers+Summer

Way too many tabs open again on my browser—time to clear the cache!
  • KDLT treads where KELO won't, noting that TransCanada is dragging its feet fixing the road damage it has caused while building the Keystone pipeline through eastern South Dakota. Even if the pipeline does lower our gas prices (I doubt it will), it won't do folks much good if they can't get to the gas station.
  • Brace yourself for the December budget address: Governor Rounds tells Madison businessmen (where was my invite?) that South Dakota's budget shortfall could reach $200 million. Hmmm... considering Rounds underestimated last year's shortfall so much he had to present a do-over budget in January, we should probably add another 10–20% to that estimate... $240 million in the hole, anyone?
  • Sioux Falls Roosevelt teachers are actually speaking up on a political issue! Hooray! Unfortuantely, these 30 are speaking up to protest the citizen movement to move the school year start to after Labor Day. "You sympathize with some of the reasons, spending more time at the pool, going to the fair, but academically there are no positives out of moving the start date back," says Roosevelt physics teacher Barb Newitt. Sorry, Barb, but I'm still a "Memorial Day to Labor Day" guy.

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  1. What do you think Cory and readers? Is education going to take the hit for the budget shortfall? So far the answer seems to be no according to the interviews in The Post: http://bit.ly/SDEducation


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