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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dakota War College Seeing Double; "Singular" Now Equals "Plural"

E unibus plurum?

Note to Pat Powers's optometrist: dial back the bifocal adjustment. Evidently Dakota War College reserves the right to inflate his reporting to portray a single voice as the entirety of a group:
  1. Headline: "Dems advocating no money, and no volunteers for Stephanie." Content: quote from one Democrat, Todd Epp.
  2. Headline: "The Media's take on Congresswoman Herseth's vote." Content: quote from one retired TV anchor, Steve Hemmingsen, (who does, by the way, write a darn good column on SHS's singing harmony with John Thune).
Synecdoche? Sloppy headlining? Psychological projection of DWC monomania? I leave that for you to decide. I just know that I have to remind novice debaters of this regularly: don't tag your evidence with titles that exaggerate your evidence.

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