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Monday, November 9, 2009

GOP House Candidate Advocates Friendship with Iran

Why can't the other Republicans give us conversation-starters like this: GOP House candidate Thad Wasson rejects the neocon-Dick-Cheney snarl and advocates lifting sanctions on Iran and (gasp!) cooperating:

America is getting blamed for all the woes in Iran when the Mullahs can't even keep the natural gas flowing. Lets not lose this Nation to our 'friends' Russia and China. If we offer expertise on natural gas exploration and agricultural commodities, we can win over the 66 million Iranians [Thad Wasson, "Time for a Misdirection Play on Iran," campaign blog, 2009.11.08].

More flies with honey...

This isn't one of us progressive wienies talking; this is an ex-Marine who's spent some time around guns and tanks. I can't wait to see Wasson bring ideas like this to a room full of Republicans and a live debate with Chris Nelson and R. Blake Curd.

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