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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fight Swine Flu: Eat More Bacon!

(Hat tip to Amanda Nolz at AgWired!)

You've heard me grumble about the word games the pork industry wants to play with "swine flu" and "H1N1." Hoosier Ag Today's Gary Truitt says the pork industry's effort to eradicate the term "swine flu" from the press has been a failure. Truitt suggests pork boosters quit whining and take laughter as their best medicine:

There is a web site that is selling a verity of products with humorous swine flu sayings on them. T-shirts that read, “Prevent swine flu eat more bacon.” They also sell neckties with photos of pigs wearing surgical masks. The internet is filled with funny photos, sayings, and stories all making fun of swine flu. One e-mail message that crossed my desk warmed me to disregard any messages asserting eating canned pork could give you swine flu, it said it was just Spam. There are rumors that a line of special swine flu get well cards is in the works. Perhaps Gary Varvel will do a cartoon showing healthy hogs in a bio-secure confinement facility watching CNN and saying they are glad they are not human so they can’t get swine flu [Gary Truitt, "Prevent Swine Flu, Eat More Bacon," Hoosier Ag Today, 2009.11.01].

Mmm, bacon! And pass the chops.

1 comment:

  1. The scare should cause the price of pork to fall. That's all right with me. I love a good pork roast. You can keep the bacon, though.


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