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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Guy's Entitled to Change His Mind: Comes Stays as Madison City Engineer

Props to Chuck Clement, whose Internet updates suggest Jon Hunter is realizing the power of the Internet!

Looks like the City of Watertown won't be enticing Madison's city engineer away after all. At last night's Madison City Commission meeting, Chad Comes asked to withdraw his resignation letter and stay on as Madison's city engineer. Interestingly, Commission Nick Abraham thought the best course of action was to table Comes's request for a week and have further discussion. No one seconded that motion, and the commission went on to approve Comes's request on a 4–1 vote, with Abraham dissenting.

Any ideas on what Commissioner Abraham might have wanted to discuss?

Media note: last time Newsmonger, the Watertown Public Opinion blog, broke the story that Watertown had hired Comes before Comes had a chance to submit his letter of resignation to Mayor Hexom. With this story on Comes's resignation withdrawal and two others published online after Monday's print deadline, Clement appears to be on a mission to make the Madison Daily Leader website the home for local breaking news. Hmmm... looks like I might have to hire some staff!


  1. Wow Cory, now if only there was a website with that story, as well as updates on the rest of the City Commission action. Maybe this website could post interviews with these individuals too? And maybe even throw in lots of sports and local ag coverage?

    That would be an amazing place.

    Matt Groce

  2. Amazing... pretty high standard to live up to! (Keep aiming high!)


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