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Thursday, December 3, 2009

1Sky and South Dakotans Urge Stronger Climate Change Legislation

Speakers at 1Sky SD press conference (L–R): Tom Kilian, South Dakota Future Society; Jamie Horter, student, Augustana College; Eric Gage, veteran, Operation Free; Zachary Keith, director 1Sky SD.
...they disagree with Senator Thune, so it must be an evil fascist conspiracy, right?

Messrs. Price and Dahle publicize an event held yesterday in Sioux Falls to call on President Obama to put American leadership to work at the Copenhagen climate conference next week and drive serious action on climate change. Among the speakers:
  1. Tom Kilian of the South Dakota Future Society (I didn't know we had a Future Society—Tom, you folks need a website!) said the evidence is right in front of our noses: rising carbon levels and ocean temps, dying marine life, melting icecaps.
  2. Jamie Horter, an Augustana student who will be at the Copenhagen conference, said inaction now means only greater costs, in terms of money and health, for future generations. (GOP, where's all your rhetoric about looking out for our grandkids on this issue?)
  3. Eric Gage, Sioux Falls veteran and Air Guardsman (cool—I wonder if he ever got Don Jorgensen as his wingman?), spoke of the national security dangers posed by unabated climate change as well as our continued reliance on oil from "hostile regions and unstable governments."
Now I have a bad feeling Bob Ellis will dismiss these folks as traitors who actively seek to cripple America. Steve Sibson will add these folks to his enemies list as conspirators trying to profit from climate hysteria. Sibson is already on record questioning Angie Horter's South Dakota credibility (yeah, what do farm girls from Bristol know about real South Dakota values, anyway?) and lumping her and Dakota Rural Action in with the New World Order. Tom, Eric, Zachary, expect similar flaming rhetoric from our neighbors shortly.

Seriously, fellas? Is it really easier to believe that everyone who disagrees with you is really out to destroy America? Is it really easier to believe that the folks in the above photo are just trying to make a fast buck? And heck, let me entertain Steve's suggestion that climate activists like these folks really are just greedy shysters. Aren't there easier ways to get rich than trying to coordinate a global conspiracy of scientists, folks who chose their profession largely because of their inordinate commitment to knowledge and truth? If I were that good at organizing a conspiracy, and if I wanted to get rich and destroy America, I'd go straight to Wall Street and get the futures traders to bid oil up to $300 a barrel. Smaller group, faster payoff, and no need for a big U.N. conference.

Forget Occam's razor: the idea that Kilian, Horter, Gage, Keith, and other Americans are riding climate change legislation to riches doesn't even pass the laugh test.


  1. Steve Sibson12/03/2009 6:26 AM


    Not all are "greedy shysters". Most are useful idots for the evil ones. Beware of false prophets. And Climategate has taken the wool off of a few of them. The Climategate money trail post will come up later this morning that will detail the "greedy shysters". I hope you will take that seriously and work to inform these public activist about the truth behind those they are following.

  2. The first car invented was electric and it was running neck and neck with the combustion engine, until an invention and promotion of something pulled the combustion engine ahead and we started building on that platform.

    Every farm had a windmill until policy was created and said lets do it this way.

    Sounds to me that the greedy shysters already won and diverted our attention away from improving and using innovation on the platforms that were already in place.

  3. Website maybe. But I'd rather see Tom Kilian share his wisdom via a blog. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), Tom is too busy -- starting colleges, supporting entrepreneurs, and just generally helping people in need -- to start a blog. He is truly one of SD's unsung heroes.


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