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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Operation Free: Vets Discuss Climate Change and National Security Dec. 9 at USD

Failing to act on clean energy policy and climate change makes the world a more dangerous place and threatens America's national security. Just ask some veterans who've had to fight in Iraq for dinosaur energy:

Maybe Bob Ellis will have the guts to show up and question these veterans' love of country face to face....


  1. The Iraq war was not for oil, it was to enforce U.N. sanctions.

  2. The truth doesn't change, face to face or 1,000 miles away.

    Just as deliberately trying to cripple our nation or allowing yourself to be duped into participating in the crippling of our nation ends up the same: crippled for lack of affordable, abundant energy.

    Love of country is like loving your spouse: it's not accomplished by making a pledge once and then treating them like trash, but rather with each choice to cherish them, love them for who they are, and do everything you can to build them up, not weaken them or tear them down.

  3. Mr. Ellis
    I am confused by your comment. I searched through your blog, and you use the phrase "cripple our nation" (or something close) in a couple of your posts. I do not ever see you layout why how exactly the nation (or economy, which you also mention) would be crippled. I do not know, maybe you do in your own way, it is very hard to discern any logical arguments when you use fallacies (genetic, ad hominem, fallacy of relevance) and emotional language.

    But, I am confused often. Having read through some of your blog posts, you speak of God, and love of country or nation. In your comment you speak on what love looks like. From your blog posts, it appears that you are treating "liberals" and "environmentalists" like trash. I suppose they are not your spouse, but wouldn't edifying change occur through loving these people, treating them with respect,and having laid out logical arguments (truth springs from argument amongst friends - David Hume)....instead of calling them nutjobs or other silly names?

    I may be wrong though, I am starting to realize that sometimes people have blogs,not to arrive at truth, but to state an opinion (I have sometimes noticed this with Cory's blog). If this is the case with your blog, I am sorry to have inconvenienced you with this long

    Also, I am a veteran, still active duty actually, and draw my environmental ethics from the Bible as well as "A Sand County Almanac" by Aldo Leopold...as opposed to any socialist manifestos or wherever you are assuming people who disagree with you get there ethics.

    Joe Nelson

  4. Steve Sibson12/02/2009 9:13 PM

    Anybody know how much money is being made by those who behind this global warming scandal now being called "Climategate"?

    Anybody know how much of that money is funding Repower South Dakota, Dakota Rural Action, and the Rural Learning Center?

  5. Joe: thank you!

    Steve: So now you're adding the Rural Learning Center to your list of evil conspirators? Seriously? And really, why not ask if anybody knows how much money is being made by the corporate lobbyists working for Big Oil to keep us hooked on fossil fuels?

    I suspect these veterans are smart enough to know there's a lot more money to be made in numerous other straight capitalist fashion than in the roundabout way of non-profit public activism. It seems much more logical to accept that their motivations are to strengthen the country and keep America's soldiers out of harm's way.

  6. Steve Sibson12/03/2009 6:18 AM


    Isn't ther RLC about economic development? And which "for profit" entities will benefit from their activism?

  7. Who benefits? On RLC, how about for starters the 2400+ residents of Miner County? They all benefit from more jobs, more housing, more cultural activity. On Operation Free, how about for starters the couple million members of the U.S. Armed Forces, who won't be separated from their families by increasing deployments to deal with energy/environmental crises?

  8. IMO the conference center in Howard is a waste of taxpayer dollars. I am all for community economic development, but there has to be a degree of reality involved. What conference will be held in a small town in SD with no shopping centers, choice of restaurants, entertainment, etc? This thing has been hyped for years with not much to show for it, except the constant asking for taxpayer money to further build it.

    As for Repower, that is Gore's little promoter for his golden goose (global warming) that is running out of golden eggs once the truth starts to come out.

  9. Cory,

    How much will the owners of Knight & Carver, a Califrnia based corporation benefit?

  10. [Wait, Linda: how much taxpayer money does RLC get?]

    I hope Knight & Carver makes billions off climate change legislation and a massive move toward clean energy.

  11. Steve Sibson12/04/2009 9:16 PM


    RLC got 450K in 2003, 200K in 2005, and they are now sharing $615 million with Heartland thanks to Obama's Porkulus package.

  12. [Steve: are those figures all gov't money? And if so, who in the private sector was stepping up to do the work RLC is doing? Would you prefer rural decline go unchecked, and Howard become a ghost town? It's one thing to cry, "They're using government money!" It's something else to cry, "They're wasting government money!" You need to contend that working for economic development in Howard is a waste of money.]


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